Strategies 2014-2016 and Vision 2020

  • Intense investment in research, application and transfer of scientific and technological advances in agriculture and forestry is considered as a motivation to increase competitive capacity and to expand scope of the company. The comprehensive cooperation with scientists, research institutes, enterprises and international organisations has been expanded as well.
  • Development of high-quality product lines adaptive with the global climate change and increment of seed value towards the combination of technological integration and mining of product value chains as well as development of agriculture under high technology-driven.
  • Leadership enhancement for the organisation, intense training of the human resource and modernization for technical facilities and industrialization for the crop seed industry.

Goals by 2016

Market Goals:

  • Dominating the North and Northern Central markets.
  • Expanding markets in the South, Central & Western Highlands, Coastal Southern Central and Eastern South.
  • Boosting up corn seed exportation to the regional countries and focusing on markets in Laos and Cambodia.
  • Exporting the tropical vegetable seed to the South China market such as Guangxi, Guangzhou and Yunnan.

Business Goals:

  • Maintaining the growth rate in profit-after-tax of 25% per year.
  • Targeting the consolidated market share for about 18% of the total market share of the industry.
  • Reaching 1 trillion VND of revenue for the parent company Vinaseed.
  • Preserving the share dividend value in cash from 30% to 50% per year.